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Video opens with the HOST standing just inside the bar entrance, behind him,
the scene is blurred but clearly visible as a bar setup.

HOST: [As the intro music swells and the opening credits roll—impatiently awaiting his cue, apparently unaware he is already on camera

How’s the hair? Tie okay? Makeup on fleek?

Intro music

Opening credits (on-screen): 

An IHR production

in association with IMI Agency

and Brick Film Entertainment

HOST:  [Suddenly assuming character as the credits and music fade: a kind of Rod-Serling-meets-J-K-Simmons (of the Farmer’s Insurance commercials)

This may look like your typical hotel lobby bar—gleaming counters, inviting stools, a scattering of high-tops, disproportionately large décor and accessories—but, in reality, it’s so much less than that.
Welcome, to the Lost-Revenue Zone.


HOST: The stories you are about to see are real. The mistakes are real. The losses are real. The people…are plastic. 

Join me, Red Billings, as we begin at the beginning.
A man walks into a bar…

act 1: the missing bartender

HOST: Good evening. Bright tonight, isn’t it? Eight p.m. and the lights are up high enough to warn ships away. Just as well, perhaps, because this is no place for a thirsty sailor, as one unhappy little chap is about to discover in…

THREE LADIES walk into the bar.

LADIES: [Together] Whooooooooo! Whooooooohooooooo! Whooo!

LADY 1: Yeah, ladies night! Let’s do this, girls! [Takes group selfie]

LADY 2: First round of cosmos is on meeeee!

LADY 3: I am going to validate you SO MUCH tonight!

LADY 1: [Looking around and not seeing the bartender] Ummm, hello? Is this place even open right now?

LADY 2: [Looking right at LEONARD]. There is literally no one here. I will literally die if I do not get a drink soon!

LADY 3: [To LADY 2] I love your dress! You are so pretty! This bar does not deserve you.

LADY 1: [To ALL LADIES] A-greed! We’re outtie.

LADIES exit, resuming their collective Whooos!
Three BUSINESS PEOPLE walk into the bar.

BUSINESSPERSON 1: Punt that one. We’ll circle back tomorrow. How’s your bandwidth?

BUSINESSPERSON 2: I’m out of pocket. Let’s not try to boil the ocean here. Conference call?

BUSINESSPERSON 3: I have a hard stop at 10.  [To LEONARDAre you on point for this? Where are my deliverables?

LEONARD shrugs nervously and shakes his head, confused.

BUSINESSPERSON 3: [With growing frustration] Innovate! Drive more value!

BUSINESSPERSON 2: [Interrupting decisively] Pivot. We need to make a lateral move here…. [Pregnant pause]        Lightbulb moment!

[BUSINESSPERSONS 1 & 3 lean in expectantly] ...I’m putting Applebee’s on the table.

BUSINESSPERSONS 1 & 3: Action that! Approved! Approved. Approved.
[As they leave, en masse.]